A plan without proper execution is pointless. Make your strategic plans stick by receiving execution support from a team that can help take your strategic plan from theoretical to tangible.

innovative thinking

The Innovative Thinking workshop is for executives and team members who want to quickly learn the fundamentals of innovation so that they can lead their teams towards breakthrough ideas and significant impact. 


Learn repeatable processes and tools designed to unlock the innovation mindset and big ideas. 

Working with inVision Edge

Innovate Faster

Learn to apply reliable processes that foster innovation at all levels of your organization.

Powerful Yet Simple Systems and Tools

You will come away with access to many innovation-focused systems and tools you can use to accelerate innovation in your organization.

Great Things Guarantee

We’ll exceed your expectations. If we don’t, you can pay us what you feel our services are worth—guaranteed.

Who It's For?

The Innovative Thinking workshop is for executives who want to quickly learn the fundamentals of innovation so that they can lead their teams towards breakthrough ideas and significant impact.

How It Works

This 4-hour workshop can be taken either online or in-person and will feature live facilitation to guide you through the workshop. Participants will work with real challenges and opportunities throughout the progam, and will also receive two separate 1-hour group coaching calls in the weeks following the session so that you’re supported while you apply what you’ve learned.

What You Learn

 The workshop starts by diving into innovation as a vehicle to accelerate your strategic priorities. Next, you’ll learn how to clearly identify and communicate innovation challenges and opportunities, before engaging with tools designed to generate big ideas. The workshop will close by introducing a system for executing your ideas to achieve maximum impact. 

What You Get

The Innovative Thinking workshop includes:

Repeatable Process

A proven, repeatable process for strategic planning and execution.

Flexible Delivery

Virtual or in-person facilitation, depending on your organization’s needs.

Impactful Tools

Tools and resources to facilitate learning and execution.


Want to learn more about our proven process for innovation and how to implement it within your organization? Download our free guide “Innovate with Confidence” to get all the details.


Innovation Igniter

Learn the fundamentals of a proven, repeatable process that enables you to innovate with confidence.

Innovation Project Wave

World-class coaching, facilitation, and training to support organizations as they take on innovation projects.

Create Your Strategy

Our proven, repeatable process makes strategic planning practical, with a methodology that focuses on speed and execution.

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