INNOVATION mastery program

Our most advanced innovation training course, designed to help you master the innovation skills required to transform your organization and innovate with confidence.


Our most advanced innovation training course, designed to help you master the innovation skills required to transform your organization and innovate with confidence.

About Innovation Mastery

While our Innovation Quick Start program is like taking a course, our Innovation Mastery program is like achieving a designation.

In the Mastery Program, you’ll learn all 48 skills that will help you lead innovation initiatives. You will apply those skills through practical application assignments in your real work.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend our Innovation Mastery Program, attendees must have previously completed our Quick Start Program and achieved their Innovation Engineering Blue Belt.

Master Innovation
Go beyond the fundamentals of innovation and utilize advanced systems for:

Working with inVision Edge

Innovate Faster

Master reliable processes that foster innovation at all levels of your organization.

Repeatable Systems

Unique tools and methodologies you can trust to deliver tangible results time and again.

Great Things Guarantee

We’ll exceed your expectations. If we don’t, you can pay us what you feel our services are worth—guaranteed.

Who It's For?

Our Mastery Program is designed for Innovation Engineering Blue Belts who want to move from an understanding of Innovation Engineering to true mastery. It is also an ideal fit for organizations looking to build their innovation strength and accelerate their success.

How It Works

Throughout the Innovation Mastery program, you’ll dive deep on various innovation skills and apply them to your real job. By the time you graduate, you’re empowered to lead innovation teams and projects.

What You Learn

We’ll cover 48 skills in total, spread across 9 modules (see the Modules section below for more details). You’ll work on each of these skills in practical application assignments, with support from your inVision Coach to cement your learning.

What You Get

Intensive Workshops

Workshops deliver real-world experiences and exercises, and can be taken in either a 3-day intensive format or spread across nine 3-hour modules.

Practical Application to Your Organization

With guidance from your Coach, craft and deliver an innovation project that will make a meaningful impact in your organization.

Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Earn your Black Belt by completing your Mastery assignments with excellence

Program Modules

Module 1: Systems Thinking

If you don’t have a formal system for something, you do have an informal one. Identifying opportunities to apply innovation to the way we work comes through a set of system-related skills.

  • Appreciation for a System
  • Knowledge About Variation
  • Psychology
  • Theory of Knowledge

Module 2: Driving Strategic Alignment

In the Innovation Quick Start program, you learned about the importance of mission clarity through the Blue Card. In Module 2 of Innovation Mastery, we will go deep into tools for driving mission clarity and alignment.  

  • Strategy Activation
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Future Mining

Module 3: Building the Innovation Mindset

Making innovation happen in any organization requires a combination of skill and mindset. This module digs deep into the attributes of the innovative mindset required for success.

  • Diffusion of Innovation Mindset
  • Optimizing the Whole
  • Advanced Benefit and Proof
  • Estimating Value
  • Meaningful Marketing Messages

Module 4: Collaboration and Ideation

As you learned in Innovation Quick Start, the output of meaningfully unique ideas is directly correlated to stimulus and diversity. In the Innovation Mastery program you will go deeper, and apply stimulus and diversity tools to specific case studies.

  • Collaboration Systems
  • Professional-Grade Create Sessions
  • Unrelated Mining
  • Patent Mining
  • Insight Mining
  • Market Mining
  • Wisdom Mining

Module 5: Innovation Pipeline and Development System

Innovative organizations maintain an innovation portfolio so they are consistently generating new opportunities. In this module, you will learn and practice the skills needed to manage an innovation portfolio in your organization. 

  • Departmental Alignment
  • Innovation Decisions
  • Business Opportunity Recommendation
  • Organizing for Success
  • Advanced Create Methods
  • Proactive Selling Pitches

Module 6: Rapid Research and Data-Driven Decision Making

Become an expert at leveraging diverse research tools to discover and develop meaningfully unique ideas.  

  • Rapid Research Operations
  • Oomph
  • Concept Feedback Systems

Module 7: Investing in Intellectual Property

Learn the ins and outs of working with patent databases and the overall value of intellectual property.

  • Patent ROI
  • Proprietary Protection
  • Technology Translation

Module 8: Forecasting Innovation ROI

Math is the gas pedal for innovation. In this module, you’ll master how to step on the gas by learning the steps to discover, estimate, and refine idea value.

  • Rapid Research Analytics 
  • Cost and Price Estimating
  • PDSA Reducing Variation in Forecasts
  • Business Models

Module 9: Personal Leadership Development

Innovation requires leadership. In this module, you’ll learn leadership skills that will help you lead both innovation systems and teams towards optimal results. 

  • Personal Leadership
  • Organizing for Success
  • Real World Communications


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