Innovation Igniter FAQ

The Innovation Igniter program is an innovation fundamentals course with facilitated sessions that will teach you how to innovate with confidence. 

Innovation IGNITER FAQ

The Innovation Igniter program is an innovation fundamentals course with facilitated sessions that will teach you how to innovate with confidence. 


Yes! Igniter is the updated version of our Innovation Quick Start program, featuring new videos and streamlined technology for an improved learning experience. Upon completion of the program, learners will still receive their Innovation Engineering Blue Belt.

Yes, learners will still receive their Innovation Engineering Blue Belt upon successful completion of the training modules and all application assignments. 

Innovation should never become stagnant, so we felt it was time to give the whole program a refresh to keep up with the times. The improved videos and online learning experience are major steps forward that will benefit training participants immensely. 

No. Upon completion of the Innovation Igniter program, learners will still receive their Innovation Engineering Blue Belt.

Yes! While the new Igniter program features new videos and updated examples, the core content and methodology haven't changed. Your previous training and certification are remain valid and relevant. 

About the Innovation Igniter program

Learn a proven, repeatable system for innovation. This program teaches the Innovation Engineering methodology, an established innovation system that has been used by companies such as Nike, Disney, and Procter & Gamble.

This program includes:

Working with inVision Edge

Innovate Faster

Learn to apply reliable processes that foster innovation at all levels of your organization.

Powerful Yet Simple Systems and Tools

You will come away with access to many innovation-focused systems and tools you can use to accelerate innovation in your organization.

Great Things Guarantee

We’ll exceed your expectations. If we don’t, you can pay us what you feel our services are worth—guaranteed.

Who It's For?

Individuals or organizations looking to get started with a proven, repeatable system for innovation.

How It Works

This 5-week program features 2.5 hours of live facilitated learning each week, 30 minutes of group coaching each week, and 4 hours of pre-recorded online video learning.

What You Learn

In this program, you will learn how to clearly identify and communicate innovation challenges and ideas, leverage stimulus for idea generation, and mitigate critical threats to your proposed solutions.

What You Get

Online Video Training and Live Classes

Learn the fundamentals of creating, communicating, and developing meaningfully unique solutions to your challenges, guided by experienced innovation professionals.

Practical Application to Your Work

Assignments that help you reframe your approach to getting feedback on ideas, creating solutions, and improving products or systems.

Innovation Igniter Program Certification

Achieve your internationally recognized Innovation Engineering Blue Belt certification by successfully completing all your assignments.

Program Modules

Module 1: Reframe

Innovation shouldn't be a buzzword in your vocabulary, it should be a system that you harness. Learn how taking a systems-thinking approach to your next project can provide clarity throughout the project and maximize your ultimate impact.


Learn how to use a Blue Card to clearly communicate your innovation challenge and elicit meaningfully unique ideas that are in direct alignment with your strategic goals.

  • Skill 1 — Meaningful Uniqueness
  • Skill 2 — Strategy Activation - Blue Card

Module 3: Generate Ideas

Meaningfully unique ideas don't just land in your lap—they are crafted by fusing smaller half-formed ideas into a single gem. Learn how to leverage the power of stimulus and diversity to create large quantities of ideas to drive innovation.

  • Skill 3 — Stimulus & Diversity
  • Skill 4 — Exploring Stimulus
  • Skill 5 — Create Session


Communicating your ideas is as important as communicating your challenges. Learn how to write with clarity and focus by including what is necessary and cutting the rest. Then take it one step further by including useful numbers that support your ideas.

  • Skill 6 — Concept Alignment - Yellow Cards
  • Skill 7 — Concept Improvement
  • Skill 8 — Estimating Concept Value

Module 5: PLAN, DO, STUDY, ACT

Get smarter without wasting your time, energy, or resources. Ideas start off as a loosely interconnected network of thoughts. Through Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles, those ideas are refined into fully-formed paths forward. Learn how to identify critical risks associated with your idea and land at a well-formulated business case for implementation.
  • Skill 9 — Plan, Do, Study, Act
  • Skill 10 — PDSA Best Practices
  • Skill 11 — PDSA Concept Prototypes
  • Skill 12 — PDSA Functional Prototypes


Want to learn more about our proven process for innovation and how to implement it within your organization? Download our free guide “Innovate with Confidence” to get all the details.


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