Innovation COACHING for Blue Belts

Put your previous innovation training to use by receiving monthly support from a team that can help you apply your innovation skills in your daily work. 

Innovation Coaching for Blue Belts

Put your previous innovation training to use by receiving monthly support from a team that can help you apply your innovation skills in your daily work. 


Following our systematized coaching approach, this program will help you apply your previous innovation training and skills to major projects and your daily work, so that you can take your career and organization to new heights.

Your dedicated inVision Innovation Coach will work alongside you to assess progress, determine the best courses of action, and identify strategic timing to pivot when necessary. To do this, your coach will guide you through our four-step process:

Ready to Learn More?

Book a call with Evan to get more details about our Innovation Coaching program and how it can help you take both your organization and your career to new heights. 

Working with inVision Edge

Working in collaboration with inVision Edge, our clients have consistently been able to achieve measurable success through:

Repeatable Systems

Internal tools and methodologies you can trust to deliver tangible results time and again.

Ongoing Collaboration

inVision Edge works alongside every client to build a strong foundation of support.

Resilient Action Plans

Processes designed to be resilient in the face of market shifts and disruption.

Who It's For?

Innovation Coaching is well-suited to Innovation Engineering Blue Belt’s who want guidance on applying their innovation skills in the real world.  

How It Works

Your dedicated coach will meet with you monthly to deliver targeted support, advice, and tools to help you build the confidence and skills you require to achieve results.

What You'll Learn

Throughout this program, you will learn how to lead innovation projects and teams while applying your past innovation training – even if others around you aren’t familiar with innovation. 

What You Get

The Innovation Coaching program includes:

Expert Advice

Guidance from experienced Innovation Coaches who know how to help you overcome the barriers you’re facing and seize the opportunities ahead.

Monthly Coaching

Virtual coaching on a monthly basis for you and other Innovation Engineering Blue Belts.

Impactful Tools

Digital tools and resources to facilitate learning and execution



Craft challenging goals that are relevant to the strategic initiatives in your plan


Establish the baseline, review the trends, and target where you want to finish


Design a clear plan of action to reach the targets you previously set, and pursue those targets while receiving personalized support


Discover breakthrough solutions as you face and overcome critical risks to executing your plan


Want to learn more about our proven process for innovation and how to implement it within your organization? Download our free guide “Innovate with Confidence” to get all the details.


Create Your Strategy

Our proven, repeatable process makes strategic planning practical, with a methodology that focuses on speed and execution

Breakthrough Session

A one-day workshop for your team to identify new opportunities or breakthrough areas where you're stuck

Innovation Quick Start

Learn the fundamentals of a proven, repeatable process that enables you to innovate with confidence

Innovation Mastery

Advanced training to develop true mastery of the innovation skills, tools, and techniques required to transform your organization

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