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Every problem has a solution. Every opportunity is waiting to be unleashed. The solutions are within you, your team, and your organization: your breakthrough awaits.

Time is a precious commodity, and that’s exactly why we’ve created
The Breakthrough Session

The Breakthrough Session is a one-day facilitated workshop & business strategic planning session designed to help you break through a current challenge that’s getting in the way of business growth, or to accelerate an opportunity that can help get you to the next level.
Achieve radical clarity on challenges.
Find new solutions and opportunities.
Create an execution plan that sticks.
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Friction happens.

Problem solving on the road to progress is part of your every day. But when tougher challenges rear their heads, it’s time for a targeted approach. It’s time for a Breakthrough. Watch our Breakthrough Coach Ryan Ramsdale talk about tackling friction.

How the Breakthrough
strategy works.

We will help you identify the root cause of your company’s challenge or problem, develop unique solutions, and outline an execution plan to achieve success as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The problems may be complex and seem overwhelming, but the solution doesn’t have to be. And that’s where we can help – with a proven (and guaranteed) approach built on a foundation of innovation, strategy, and execution.
Solving business challenges like yours.
How can a one day breakthrough session help a company like yours? We assembled a few short and to-the-point case studies that highlight our partnerships and the challenges we’ve been able to help with.

CWB National Leasing – Turning a sluggish quoting process into an award winning software solution.

“It was easy to bring inVision into our business and help us…it was never overwhelming, and always feels like we are dealing with someone who works with us, versus a larger consulting firm that is more about hours charged. They make a very personal investment in our success. A great fit with our culture.”

– Grant Shaw, Senior Vice-President, People and Culture, CWB National Leasing

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Triple E Recreational Vehicles – Breaking through by bringing the magic of the full RV experience into the showroom.

“…Inside their ‘store within a store’ you’ll find interactive displays loaded with places to camp and travel (complete with trip planning advice), videos that show you how to operate your RV, and a beautiful space designed to ‘wow’ upon entering. There are even camp fires and campsites within the ‘store’ to provide that ‘great outdoors’ experience.”

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WinPak – Achieving business growth clarity through literal clarity.

“…On two of the three measures (remember, they were haze reduction, clarity, and gloss), the product now performs better than the competition with 31% and 43% measurement increases respectively. On the third measure, the product is of comparable quality to the competition with a 9% measurement increase. As a result, these gains have propelled Winpak from an overall specification ranking of 4th to 1st in this product market.”

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Ready to hit your toughest challenges head on?
If we’ve left you thinking about the sticky problems that your organization is facing, we’ve got your back – and you’ve got our ears. Book a 20 minute chat now on our online calendar to find out what a Breakthrough Session can look like for your organization. We can’t wait to get started.

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We’re ready to help you break through. Pick a date and time that works best for a 20 minute call with our Breakthrough Coach by hitting the button below.

I still need more info.

We’ve got you covered with this downloadable PDF covering a bit more details on the Breakthrough Sessions – perfect for learning and sharing.

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