Break Through

The Breakthrough Session is a one-day guided innovation workshop and strategic planning session designed to help organizations break through a current challenge getting in the way of success

Break Through

The Breakthrough Session is a one-day guided innovation workshop and strategic planning session designed to help organizations break through a current challenge getting in the way of success.

About The Breakthrough Session

Problem-solving on the road to progress is part of every successful organization. But when tougher challenges rear their heads, it’s time for a targeted approach.

This one-day intensive workshop will help you see your challenges from a new perspective and seize viable solutions.

Working with inVision Edge

Repeatable Systems

Tools and systems that deliver tangible results.

Resilient Plans

Plans and processes designed to be resilient in the face of disruption.

Rapid Execution

Clear plans that are designed for execution.

Who It's For?

Breakthrough Sessions are ideal for organizations that are stuck on a problem with no clear path to a practical solution. This intensive workshop is designed to get you thinking about these challenges from a fresh perspective.

How It Works

The Breakthrough Session is a proven approach built on a foundation of innovation, strategy, and execution. We’ll start by helping you identify your organization’s key challenges. Next, we’ll work with you to develop meaningfully unique solutions and outline an execution plan.

What You Learn

You’ll learn how to visualize your ideal outcome, confront your current situation or anticipate the future, generate breakthrough solutions, and create a measurable plan that delivers real results.

Case Study

How can a one-day Breakthrough Session help a company like yours? We’ve assembled a few short, to-the-point case studies that highlight
our partnerships and the challenges we’ve been able to help our clients tackle.

CWB National Leasing — Turning a sluggish quoting process into an award-winning software solution

“It was easy to bring inVision into our business and help us…it was never overwhelming, and always feels like we are dealing with someone who works with us, versus a larger consulting firm that is more about hours charged. They make a very personal investment in our success. A great fit with our culture.”

– Grant Shaw, Senior VP of People and Culture at CWB National Leasing

WinPak — Achieving business growth clarity through literal clarity

“On the three measures of haze reduction, clarity, and gloss, the product now performs better than the competition with 31% and 43% improvements in the first two categories, respectively. On the third measure, the product is of comparable quality to the competition with a 9% measurement increase. As a result, these gains have propelled Winpak from an overall specification ranking of 4th to 1st in this product market.”

Workshop Components


A detailed call to give us a better understanding of your problem, and how you define success. And, if you aren’t sure, we can help you figure it out.


Breakthrough Session

A one-day facilitated, engaging workshop for you and your team, focusing on the following steps:

  • Visualize your ideal outcome
  • Confront your current situation and the challenges you may be facing right now, or anticipate in the future
  • Generate breakthrough solutions
  • Create a manageable and measurable plan with a focus on results


After your workshop, you’ll have three private sessions with your session facilitator to support the execution of your breakthrough plan.


Want to learn more about our proven process for innovation and how to implement it within your organization? Download our free guide “Innovate with Confidence” to get all the details.


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