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Strategic Planning

"We need a new (or first!) strategic plan."

Strategic Planning
Create Your Plan

"We need to reset our existing strategic plan."

Strategy Reset
Reset Your Plan

"We need help executing our strategic plan."

Strategy Execution Coaching
Execute Your Plan

Create Your Strategy

"We can't seem to break through to the next level of growth."
"We are spinning our wheels, but are we focused on the right things?"
"Our results are not where we want (or need) them to be."
A Strategic Plan is your organization's roadmap to lead you through the current realities and set the stage for new areas of innovation and growth. As such, you need a plan that is build for execution.
Whether it's your first time articulating your Strategic Plan or it is time to create your next transformational strategy, our process is built for results. To accomplish this, we utilize our 5-step Strategic Planning process:
Strategic planning should never be seen as a single event, but an ongoing way of reviewing our internal and external environments to ensure we are making the right decisions for our organization. By choosing our 5-step process, you are committed to achieving results.
“Working with inVision to implement their strategic planning framework has helped us focus on the biggest opportunities for growth: Products that bring value to our existing customer base, identifying new markets, clarifying our measures of success, and aligning our teams to execute our complete commercialization process and strategy.”
James Holland, Winpak
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Reset Your Strategy

"Last year's strategy already feels obsolete."
"There has been a major disruption in our industry."
"We are so far off of our results, we have to do something different."
You assembled your team, identified your desired state, and recognized the potential roadblocks. In other words, you've worked hard on your Strategic Plan. Suddenly, the onset of a global pandemic and the deep impact it had on our economy and many industries has left us scrambling to adapt, perhaps faster than ever before.

Now, as the world begins to move forward, we’re left wondering “how does my strategy apply in our new circumstances?” In today's reality, organizations need to pivot fast on strategy.
Strategy Reset is a system for rapidly assessing your current Strategic Plan to identify gaps, areas that require new clarity, and where you may need additional support or mitigation to deliver breakthrough results.
"Using inVision's strategic planning framework has been game changing for our organization. It's one thing to have a strategy, but embedding a rhythm of execution has helped us keep focused on those biggest opportunities for growth and impact."
Ryan Elias, Triple E RV
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Execute Your Strategy

"I am not getting the results I need."
"I keep getting stuck in the day-to-day."
"I need to see evidence of change."
As executing on a strategy is a dynamic process, your dedicated Strategy Coach will help you assess progress on your plan, determine courses of action, and identify the strategic timing to pivot when necessary by following our 4-step process:
This is a focused solution aimed at improving your ability to execute on strategy inside your organization. This solution follows our systematized coaching approach that is designed to fit unique needs and learning styles.
"inVision’s coaching system for supporting strategy execution has been a key factor in the growth of our organization, and my personal growth as a leader. Our monthly coaching session has helped me pull out of the day-to-day operations and focus on the most strategic areas of impact for our organization."
Anthony Dyck, Fast Air
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