Future Watch — Preparing Your Organization for All Market Conditions

Preparing Your Organization For All Market Conditions

Welcome to Future Watch, a new monthly newsletter from inVision Edge where we look at upcoming trends and market conditions, share stimulating headlines, and write thought-provoking articles that tackle relevant issues. As we head into the fall season, this month’s theme is Fall Forward.

Top Headlines

Bank of Canada raises key interest rate by 0.75 per cent: Here’s what happened
The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark rate by three quarters of a percentage point Wednesday to 3.25 per cent. Here’s what happened and what it means for the broader economy. 

McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2022
Which technology trends matter most for companies in 2022? New analysis by the McKinsey Technology Council highlights the development, possible uses, and industry effects of advanced technologies.

Inspiring Innovations

Meet the A/C Unit that Shrinks Emissions by 75%
Gradient Comfort nixes the standard refrigerants used in A/C units today to cool (and heat) your home with fewer emissions.

Autonomous Meal Deliveries To Help Decrease Food Insecurity
A self-driving vehicle technology startup and a nonprofit that recovers surplus food from retailers are teaming up to launch an autonomous solution to food insecurity.

Articles & Editorials

Redefining Your Why, article by inVision Edge

How can a business protect itself from unsteady market conditions? Unfortunately, there’s chatter of a recession on the horizon, and as we prepare for what that will mean to our organizations, we begin to batten down the hatches. To some, this might mean cutting the fat and leaving a skeleton crew behind to man the ship. We’ve seen stories like this in the news recently, with layoffs announced by large tech companies like Shopify. But what if cost-cutting wasn’t the only option to survive – or thrive – in the storm?

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Bridging the Leadership Divide: A Workforce Strategy of the Future

Article by PwC Canada

We’re in a pivotal historical moment: the dynamic between employees and employers is radically, and possibly irreversibly, shifting. This is evidenced in part by the great resignation, but more broadly by decreasing tenure and increased attrition.

Here in Canada, over the last two years, we’ve experienced some of the most extensive lockdown restrictions in North America and extended

periods of remote work. These have affected many workplace cultures, resulting in mass departures and a leadership crisis. Many organizations have found themselves in difficult and unprecedented positions, and we’re seeing a divide within leadership teams in how they believe they should respond. Out of necessity, many are focusing on immediate, short-term actions, like prioritizing significant recruitment efforts to put a band-aid solution on current talent shortages. Others are more focused on the many scenarios that could develop as their business context and the labour market both shift in the long term, unsure how to effectively tackle the pressing talent issues of the moment to be successful in the years to come.

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