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Future Watch, February 2023

Welcome back to Future Watch, where we keep an eye on the horizon so you can innovate boldly.

Stay in the know about the latest strategies, innovations, and market news that are shaping the future of business. It’s like having a crystal ball, but without the need for a fortune teller’s tent or a questionable set of cards. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be the smartest person in the room.

Articles & Editorials

How My Daughter’s Approach Can Inspire Us All, editorial by Rhonda Honke

My oldest daughter is ten years old and in grade four. She is curious and considerate, and she loves to design, draw, and build. Where I used to play with Tinker Toys at her age, she’s into coding and stop-motion animation.

If you’re unfamiliar, stop-motion video is where you take many, many photos of stationary elements with slight movements between shots. If you are old enough to remember “flipbooks,” this is just the digital version.

It was this weekend’s stop-motion project that made me pause, though. My daughter had a friend over to work on a new video. As I was in the next room cleaning, I overheard some of their conversations and found myself in awe of their process. I quickly recognized it as our Plan–Do–Study–Act (PDSA) cycles of learning.

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Top Headlines

How Microsoft Became Innovative Again

As the modern labour force evolves faster and faster in the 21st century, we are seeing a shift within working culture to build workplaces that are creative, cohesive and competitive.

How to Empower Employees to Innovate

Removing meetings? Bringing in beds? More companies are enforcing policies in hopes of improving worker output.

Inspiring Innovations

5 Key Trends in Women’s Health Technology for 2023 to Watch

In Boston labs, old, blind mice have regained their eyesight, developed smarter, younger brains and built healthier muscle and kidney tissue. 

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