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Future Watch, October 2022

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Top Headlines

25th CEO Survey—Canadian insights
Bold actions for sustained outcomes — How Canadian CEOs can navigate rising uncertainty while seizing new opportunities in a changing world.

Location-Aware Technology Industry Expected to Grow Exponentially in Coming Years
The global geospatial market is set to grow exponentially over the next eight years, with North America poised to play a significant role in this growth. How will this impact your organization? 

Inspiring Innovations

Future technology: 22 ideas about to change our world
The future is coming, and sooner than you think. These emerging technologies will change the way we live, how we look after our bodies and help us avert a climate disaster.

From Emotion To Empathy: Bringing Human Experience To Voice AI
Sci-fi no longer! A voice AI agent that understands the semantics of language and emotions is on the horizon. From user experience to empowering those with disabilities, the impacts will be far-reaching. 

Articles & Editorials

Avoiding Peloton’s Wild Ride, article by inVision Edge

Peloton is one of the most fascinating stories in business over the last decade. They broke into the market with an innovative product targeted toward a niche segment with almost perfect timing. The COVID pandemic fueled massive demand for their products, and the company rode that wave all the way to a peak market capitalization of almost $47 billion USD in January 2021. 

Since reaching the top of the mountain, they’ve seen their valuation crash through the floor, with their market cap dropping all the way to $2.99 billion as of October 2022. In case math isn’t your strong suit, that’s a drop of roughly $44 billion dollars! Their latest financial reporting also showed a $1.24 billion loss in the first 3-quarters of 2022. 

So where did Peloton go wrong, what can we learn from it, and how might they bounce back?

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