Innovation Igniter – June 2023 Summer Intensive

  • Innovation Igniter
    June 13, 2023 - June 15, 2023
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Innovation Igniter

Learn the fundamentals of a proven, repeatable process that enables you to innovate with confidence.

Through the Innovation Igniter program, you will learn to apply a reliable, repeatable innovation system to address the challenges of the day.


The Innovation Igniter program is for leaders and teams who need the innovative mindset, skills, and tools required to overcome the biggest challenges and seize the greatest opportunities that exist in the world today.


  • We have all experienced disruption to our work
  • We need new solutions to new problems
  • We need to learn the skills to keep up to and lead change
  • We need to invigorate a new economy with meaningful innovations

Everyone talks about innovation as the key to company (and career) success in this rapidly changing world. Few have had an opportunity to learn a front-to-back system to innovate – until now.

Rave reviews for innovation igniter


This three-day intensive program is delivered in person at the inVision Edge Studio in the University of Manitoba Smart Park. The first two days of the program will feature live facilitated training and engaging group work. On the last day of the program, participants will focus on the practical application assignments to complete their certification, with live support available from their facilitator. All three days must be attended to certify.


All classes run from 8:00 AM–4:00 PM CST on the following days: 
  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Wednesday, June 14
  • Thursday, June 15

Program Modules

Module 1: Reframe

Innovation shouldn't be a buzzword in your vocabulary, it should be a system that you harness. Learn how taking a systems-thinking approach to your next project can provide clarity throughout the project and maximize your ultimate impact.


Learn how to use a Blue Card to clearly communicate your innovation challenge and elicit meaningfully unique ideas that are in direct alignment with your strategic goals.

  • Skill 1 — Meaningful Uniqueness
  • Skill 2 — Strategy Activation - Blue Card

Module 3: Generate Ideas

Meaningfully unique ideas don't just land in your lap—they are crafted by fusing smaller half-formed ideas into a single gem. Learn how to leverage the power of stimulus and diversity to create large quantities of ideas to drive innovation.

  • Skill 3 — Stimulus & Diversity
  • Skill 4 — Exploring Stimulus
  • Skill 5 — Create Session


Communicating your ideas is as important as communicating your challenges. Learn how to write with clarity and focus by including what is necessary and cutting the rest. Then take it one step further by including useful numbers that support your ideas.

  • Skill 6 — Concept Alignment - Yellow Cards
  • Skill 7 — Concept Improvement
  • Skill 8 — Estimating Concept Value

Module 5: PLAN, DO, STUDY, ACT

Get smarter without wasting your time, energy, or resources. Ideas start off as a loosely interconnected network of thoughts. Through Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles, those ideas are refined into fully-formed paths forward. Learn how to identify critical risks associated with your idea and land at a well-formulated business case for implementation.
  • Skill 9 — Plan, Do, Study, Act
  • Skill 10 — PDSA Best Practices
  • Skill 11 — PDSA Concept Prototypes
  • Skill 12 — PDSA Functional Prototypes


Curious about why we’ve moved from Quick Start to Igniter? Check out the FAQ below:


Ryan Ramsdale

Ryan is a highly motivated, results oriented people developer who engages teams and individuals with enthusiasm. With a talent for gathering teams around a compelling vision, he is passionate about facilitation of group discussions that include innovation, the improvement of systems, gains in efficiency and increased employee engagement.

With 10 years in Operational Leadership in Telecommunications, Ryan has led multiple transformation initiatives. His teams lead the country in quality and productivity contributing to multi-million-dollar revenue growth while consistently improving employee engagement.

As a facilitator and coach Ryan is talented at providing clear learning expectations and setting challenging goals. He blends humour with a clear focus on outcomes and a passion for execution on strategy.

Kathy Andrew

Kathy’s energy and experience supporting strategy and innovation projects are invaluable when working with teams and organizations. Her focus on collaboration brings an intuitive approach to the work when facilitating innovation programs, strategic planning engagements, and breakthrough workshops.

With 10 years of experience driving cross-departmental strategic initiatives for the Government of Manitoba, Kathy has a passion for team alignment, and clarity of expectations. Kathy brings an academic understanding of human cognition, which allows her to blend theory with experience to ask tough questions that propel teams forward. Together these experiences make Kathy a dynamic trainer who brings learners along quickly for maximum impact.

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You will come away with access to many innovation-focused systems and tools you can use to accelerate innovation in your organization.

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