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The Power of Community

May 5, 2020

In the midst of disruption comes a time to reflect on not only what has changed, but what has emerged as having value in our world. I believe there will be long lasting changes coming out of our pandemic experience, and some of those changes will present new opportunities.

As a mom of two little girls, I have been trying to help them understand the concept of community and what it really means to be part of one. It’s the idea that we all have a role to play in making our world a better place for everyone. We all have things to contribute from our diverse skills to our equally diverse perspectives. Working in the field of innovation, we have known this for a long time, but some have been slow to see the true value of diversity and community.

We are all learning what it means to be part of a community that is having to innovate out of absolute necessity. People are having to learn how to work from home, parents are trying to figure out how to do that while homeschooling their children, and businesses are retooling production capabilities so they can make things like hand sanitizer and ventilators. We will try some new things along the way—some will work, and some won't. But we are now in a position where we have to try new ways of doing things. It is no longer an option to do things ‘the way we’ve always done them’.

For us at inVision Edge, one of the things we are having to learn quickly, is how to convert our certification programs from blended to virtual offerings. We are doing some fast cycles of learning as we test different software solutions and even content configurations to find a way to make our training available to clients at a time when face-to-face training is not an option.

What we are all experiencing now is disconcerting, in part because we don't know what the future holds. Where I feel hope, is in the power of a diverse community. The power of people working together to address meaningful problems while being willing to pivot and adjust as necessary to find innovative solutions. People who never thought we could, now realize we can—and that, is incredibly powerful. It takes us from a position of being ‘victims’ into one of innovators.

Our world will never be the same. I believe that as we start to reopen our economy, we will come out the other end of this stronger, more resilient, and with a more innovative mindset than we had going into this crisis. So, while we all practice physical distancing and taking care of our loved ones, I will hold on to the silver lining and be ready to celebrate our emerging innovative mindset.


Rhonda Honke

Innovation Education Lead,
Innovation & Growth Strategist

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