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Radically Canadian

Having grown up on the east coast of Canada, I'm a proud Maritimer. While it's been years since I've lived in the Maritimes I still associate myself with all that the Maritimes offer. From the magnificent ocean views, the best sailing in the world, the rugged landscape on the cliffs over the Atlantic, and that down-home hospitality, in my heart I’ll always be a Maritimer.

I am equally proud of my prairie home, having chosen to live in Manitoba my whole adult life. This is a beautiful place, with the open prairie surrounding us, beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen for miles, and cottage country just a short drive away.

I am grateful to live in such an amazing country.

At inVision Edge, we have the privilege of working with great leaders across this country. In my conversations with clients and contacts, I’ve noticed a common sentiment emerging: hope, and a mindset and willingness that we can and will be better when it comes to innovation in Canada.

There is a long list of bold thinkers and Canadian innovators that have made this country great and the world a better place to live:

  • Sir Frederick Banting – the first medical scientist to use insulin in humans
  • Mike Lazaridis – founded and created the BlackBerry device
  • Guy Laliberte – co-founded Cirque du Soleil
  • Marshall McLuhan – an English professor who profoundly affected media with his theories/research (and predicted the world wide web 30 years before it ever existed)

We are now seeing a new generation of innovators emerge. These are the people solving the current day problems to make this country (and this world) a better place. These are the courageous leaders that are not satisfied with the status quo and are developing new products and services and entering new markets so that they can grow their teams and build a better economy. They are making a difference one company at a time, one city at a time, one province at a time, and one country at a time.

Like them, there are three building blocks all leaders in Canada can use to join the innovation movement:

  • Be bold! Think big, create a vision and develop a focused direction, strategy and plan.
  • Innovate! Don't just try to keep up -- lead by turning big ideas into reality that solve big problems.
  • Get it done! Let’s stop planning and talking and start doing!

So on Canada Day, spend some time celebrating what makes our country so great, and planning what you can do to make a difference as a ‘bold thinker and innovator’ for our future generations.

Happy Canada Day my friends......cheers to being radically Canadian!

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