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Our Holiday Recipe for Doing Great Things

December 18, 2015

Back in November, John and Wendy issued a challenge to the inVision team – find a way to do Great Things in our community to celebrate and share the Christmas spirit. Here is the recipe we followed on December 3rd to meet the challenge!

2 inVision leaders with servants’ hearts and a Christmas challenge
6 inVision elves with warm hearts and busy hands
1 community service scavenger hunt worksheet containing 12 ways to help
1 work day
A pinch of cash
Energy, zaniness, laughter, and tears to taste

1. Have the elves review the scavenger hunt worksheet and establish a plan on how to maximize their impact in the community in 1 day.
2. Assign tasks to each elf in preparation for the ‘Big Day’.
3. On the ‘Big Day’, cram all elves into one Dodge Grand Caravan for Operation ‘Do Great Things’.
4. Run around town delivering gifts for seniors, egg mc muffins to the hungry, toques/mitts to those less fortunate, candy canes to random folk, a gift to a child in care, coffee to people who work in difficult circumstances, inspiring quotes to those who need inspiration, and kitty litter to no kill shelters. Oh yeah! Don’t forget about cleaning out 26 cat kennels!
5. Reflect on not only the gifts given, but those received by providing random acts of kindness.

Kidding aside, we are all grateful to have had an opportunity to give back to our community over the holiday season. Here are just a few reflections from the inVision elves about our experience:

Sharon - The sincere gratitude for a small gift like a toque or a pair of socks gives a much bigger gift to the giver than the gift itself. Paying for drive through orders can be ridiculously uplifting!
Giving as part of a team, and sharing the experiences of the day was much more fun than, say, cleaning cat cages on one's own!

Ashley - I learned that in order to make a difference in the community, you have to DO something. Taking action is so important -- and it goes beyond a tweet, a "like", or a favoriting a post. It's about getting out there and getting involved in order to have an impact.

It was a challenge for us to narrow our list when we were putting together our game plan for the day because of all of the worthy organizations out there that we'd like to support. Lastly, our DGT day reinforced to me what a great group of people I get to work with day in and day out --- thanks, team 🙂

The inVision Elves get ready for the big day (l to r: Rhonda, Robin, Sharon, Ryan, Jody, Ashley)

The inVision Elves get ready for their big day (l to r: Rhonda, Robin, Sharon, Ryan, Jody, Ashley)

Jody - This was my first "Do Great Things Day" with the team and it was so great! Although our goal was to impact as many people in one day as we could, the impact has extended way beyond that one day and way beyond the people we set out to reach. Watching everyone get excited to complete our list of "great things" and feel the support of John & Wendy, I'm more excited than ever to keep doing great things for people all year!

Rhonda – What an incredible way to kick off the holiday season. We touched the lives of over 140 people (from children to seniors) and 30 cats in the course of 1 day! My heart is full yet I am humbled by how little it takes to make a difference in someone’s day or week; I look forward to doing more great things days in the next year.

Robin - The great things day was not about sales or business development or recognition of any kind. We went out to spread Christmas cheer with no expectation of anything in return. The amazing thing about this is we got the biggest return of all. The feeling of joy that we get from giving a gift to an elderly person (who would not otherwise receive a Christmas gift), a homeless person, a child without a family, a worker in a mall who rarely gets noticed, the unsuspecting person behind us in the drive through...that is a great thing!!

Wendy and John - This week WestJet released their annual holiday video where their employees made '12,000 Mini-Miracles' happen for folks around the world. While inVision Edge may not have the reach, scope or budget of WestJet, the sentiment of the 'inVision Do Great Things Day' is the same.

Every year we are reminded that no matter how much or how little we have to give, it is enough to make an impact. It is not about the amount of resources we have - it's about the amount of spirit and resourcefulness we bring to the task!

The inVision elves managed to make 140 mini-miracles happen in Winnipeg in one day and came back filled with the joy of a team who went out and made someone else's day a little brighter....but they received so much more in return.

Outside of Do Great Things Day, we look for ways throughout the year to show gratitude for what we have. We give back through our work by running workshops with business students at the Universities, assisting entrepreneurs at the Eureka Project, working with non profits, and donating a portion of our earnings from Strategy Navigation projects to entrepreneurs in developing countries through KIVA... there is something special about ensuring our focus is on others during a busy holiday season that just kicks it up to another level for all of us.

There is always someone out there who needs a miracle. So for 2016, we invite you to join inVision in finding your own way to make a difference throughout the year.

It's a no-fail recipe.

Happy Holidays from the inVision Edge team!


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