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Our Clients

We're in good company.

We love doing great things with our clients and building relationships along the way. Here's just a few of the organizations we've enjoyed partnering with:
Building a lasting positive relationship with our clients is very important to us. Helping you achieve great things is what drives us forward each day. To help us continue to get better, we send out a satisfaction survey at the end of each client engagement to generate a Net Promoter Score. We are happy to share those results below.

Thank you to all of our clients who see us as their partners!

inVision Edge Updated July, 2019

Definiton: The Net Promoter Score is not a percentage but an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of +70 is considered world class.


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