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No more lazy days of summer

I'm all for some good R&R and downtime in the summer to recharge the batteries. It's necessary.

But when the world around us is changing so quickly, thinking of summer as a “slower” time doesn’t cut it. There are no lazy days of summer for our customers, suppliers and competitors.

Summer can be the best time to set the pace and keep your business on track, as you move into the back half of your year. Even better, take the summer months to focus on new products, reinvigorate your business model, and work on those business problems that getting in the way of your growth.

Of course, there will be vacations to manage. But by leveraging the “summer mindset” that most employees feel during this time of year, you can spark a surge of creativity to get your teams working on big things that make a difference.

Why wait until the fall to get working on the biggest problems your organization is facing? Seize the opportunity to use the summertime to jump-start your business with an Idea Accelerator! In just four hours,  a team of six to eight of your employees will focus on a pressing problem or new opportunity, generating ideas that are ready to develop in the fall.

Whether it's an Idea Accelerator or a review and reset of your innovation strategy or a focus to finally complete that big project --- this summer could lay the foundation for your most successful year yet. There's no better time than now.

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