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Innovation Engineering Mastery Program

The “Master Class” for transforming your organization using Innovation Engineering

Go beyond the fundamentals and utilize advanced systems for:

Creating Big Ideas
Communicating Ideas
Executing Ideas
Accelerating Product Launch
Improving your Processes
Fixing Broken Systems
Enabling & Teaching
Reinventing Business Models

Why continue your Innovation Engineering training?

Now that you’ve learned the 12 fundamental skills of Innovation Engineering, it is time to take your ability to the next level. In the Mastery Program, you’ll learn all 48 skills that will help you lead innovation initiatives to transform your organization.

How it Works

To attend the Mastery Course, you must have previously obtained your Innovation Engineering Blue Belt through our Quick Start program.

Step One:

9 Hours of Online Digital Classes
Before attending the course, you will complete digital classes on systems for expert level leadership of people and projects. These will focus on creating, communicating, and commercializing meaningfully unique ideas. You can watch the short classes on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Step Two:

3 Day Public Workshop
This is an immersive experience. It takes the learning from the digital classes and makes it very real through interactive experiences. Most importantly, one-on-one feedback ensures you really learn how to lead system driven innovation.

Step Three:

Application to Your Work
During the 6 months after the session, you’ll start applying your new knowledge and the full suite of Innovation Engineering tools to run an innovation project. With the guidance of your Black Belt Coach, your project will make a meaningful difference for your organization.

Step Four:

The path to certification involves three elements: a) a grade of 100% on all lab class assignments (no stress - you can resubmit unlimited times. Our goal is to get you to mastery not to fail you) b) application of the learning to your real work, and c) the personal written recommendation of your Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification coach.
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