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Forget passion; I'd rather be convicted

May 24, 2017

The inVision Edge values sit on each desk in our studio.

I was recently reminded of the Remington commercial from years ago, when after using a Remington shaver, the gentleman in the ad states "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company."

That's who we are at inVision Edge. We were introduced to a system that can help anyone, anywhere make innovation happen and we knew immediately that it was powerful and important. In a world full of companies that talk about innovation or focus on creating initial ideas, here was a proven system with a practical and real approach that finally took it further, teaching others how to do it for themselves and create real value for companies to get tangible results.

We knew it was a solution that Canadian businesses and organizations needed, so we created a company to fill that gap.

Since then, we have worked with amazing business owners, leaders, and teams to create strategies and drive innovation to get results. These have been our 'early adopters', and are now part of our community. We are proud of the company we keep and grateful for their partnership.

I was told by a former colleague that she would not only describe me as 'passionate' about what we do, but as 'convicted' to help others succeed. I couldn't think of a better description to summarize the work we do at inVision.

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