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Transform yourself to transform your organization

April 25, 2016

All organizations need to transform in order to grow. When we reach the top of the business curve and business is good, we’re tempted to settle in for the long haul after the hard climb up. We want to get comfortable and we feel confident as we pat ourselves on the back for making it: “Let’s keep doing what we’re doing, because it works!”

Actually, this is the best time to kick ourselves in the butt and say – what’s going to work next?! It’s a great time to build a new strategy, revamp products, or shift the market. It’s also the perfect time to look at yourself as a leader. If you want your organization to transform and grow, you have to carve out the time for your own transformation.

As Carol Dweck talks about in her book Mindset, leaders with a “growth mindset” are the ones that successfully grow their companies to greatness:

"[These leaders] are constantly trying to improve. They surround themselves with the most able people they can find, they look squarely at their own mistakes and deficiencies, and they ask frankly what skills they and the company will need in the future."

These are the partnerships we love to create with our clients. Helping leaders get real with themselves on what it’s going to take from them to elevate their company to the next level is exciting stuff. As Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer Mark Leslie pointed out in a recent article “Vision doesn't matter if a leader doesn't have the audacity to pursue it.”

So, why should you enlist the help of an executive coach to assist in your transformation as a business leader? From my experience working with executives, here are just a few ways a coach can help:

1. Time to get real (with yourself). A trusted partner in your leadership growth will help you gain a true understanding of the strengths you need to keep bringing to the table --- and the things you need to stop bringing to the table. A coach works with you to tackle those things that may be slowing your growth into manageable actions to work on.

2. Focus, focus, focus. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day responsibilities of running a company and lose focus on the big picture of strategic direction. Partnering with a coach helps you transform the way you focus on a daily basis so that you execute a larger vision for your career.

3. Outside eyes. As you push the limits of status quo, having a coach that understands your business, your leadership, and your team will provide you with a fresh set of eyes. The opportunity to bounce new ideas off of a trusted, unbiased third party who has your best interests in mind is invaluable.

Partnering with a coach is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. In fact, partnering with a coach is one of the best ways to truly transform yourself. And if you really want to take your business to the next level, your own transformation will be key.

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2 comments on “Transform yourself to transform your organization”

  1. Leadership doesn't have to be a treasure hunt. When you have a mentor or you will be able to transform and frame your thinking as a journey. Everyone needs to feel they have ownership in something and employees want to be part of the journey.Wise leaders know inovation takes place on all levels. When you can create a culture thats a brain trust you have a recipe for success.

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